Goal 6 Clean water and sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

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Sweden currently has data on these targets for Goal 6 in their national policies.

Target 6.1 

Safe and Affordable Drinking Water

0/1 covered

Target 6.2 

End Open Defecation and Provide Access to Sanitation and Hygiene

0/1 covered

Target 6.3 

Improve Water Quality, Wastewater Treatment and Safe Reuse

0/2 covered

Target 6.4 

Increase Water-Use Efficiency and Ensure Freshwater Supplies

0/2 covered

Target 6.5 

Integrated Water Resources Management and Transboundary Cooperation

0/2 covered

Target 6.6 

Protect and Restore Water-Related Ecosystems

0/1 covered

Target 6.a 

Expand Water-and Sanitation-Related Support for Developing Countries

0/1 covered

Target 6.b 

Support Local Engagement in Water and Sanitation Management

0/1 covered

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