Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

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indicator coverage for Goal 3 in Sweden


Sweden currently has data on these targets for Goal 3 in their national policies.

Target 3.1 

Reduce Maternal Mortality

0/2 covered

Target 3.2 

End Preventable Deaths Under 5 Years of Age

0/2 covered

Target 3.3 

Fight Communicable Diseases

0/5 covered

Target 3.4 

Reduce Mortality from Non-Communicable Diseases

0/2 covered

Target 3.5 

Prevent and Treat Substance Abuse

0/2 covered

Target 3.6 

Reduce Road Injuries and Deaths

0/1 covered

Target 3.7 

Universal Access to Reproductive Care, Planning and Education

0/2 covered

Target 3.8 

Achieve Universal Health Coverage

0/2 covered

Target 3.9 

Reduce Illnesses and Death from Hazardous Chemicals and Pollution

0/3 covered

Target 3.a 

Implement the WHO Framework on Tobacco

0/1 covered

Target 3.b 

Support Research, Development and Universal Access to Affordable Vaccines and Medicines

0/2 covered

Target 3.c 

Increase Health Financing and Workforce Support for Developing Countries

0/1 covered

Target 3.d 

Improve Early Warning Systems for Global Health Risks

0/1 covered

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