Goal 14 Life below water

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

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indicator coverage for Goal 14 in Sweden


Sweden currently has data on these targets for Goal 14 in their national policies.

Target 14.1 

Reduce Marine Pollution

0/1 covered

Target 14.2 

Protect and Restore Ecosystems

0/1 covered

Target 14.3 

Reduce Ocean Acidification

0/1 covered

Target 14.4 

Sustainable Fishing

0/1 covered

Target 14.5 

Conserve Coastal and Marine Areas

0/1 covered

Target 14.6 

End Subsidies Contributing to Overfishing

0/1 covered

Target 14.7 

Encourage Sustainable Use of Marine Resources

0/1 covered

Target 14.a 

Increase Scientific Knowledge, Research and Technology for Ocean Health

0/1 covered

Target 14.b 

Support Small Scale Fishers

0/1 covered

Target 14.c 

Implement and Enforce International Sea Law

0/1 covered

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