Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

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targets with data available for at least one indicator

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indicators with data available for South Africa


indicator coverage for Goal 8 in South Africa


South Africa currently has data on these targets for Goal 8 in their national policies.

Target 8.1 

Sustainable Economic Growth

1/1 covered

Target 8.2 

Diversify, Innovate and Upgrade for Economic Productivity

1/1 covered

Target 8.3 

Promote Policies to Support Job Creation and Growing Enterprises

1/1 covered

Target 8.4 

Improve Resource Efficiency in Consumption and Production

0/2 covered

Target 8.5 

Decent Work and Equal Pay

3/2 covered

Target 8.6 

Reduce Youth Unemployment

1/1 covered

Target 8.7 

End Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Child Labour

1/1 covered

Target 8.8 

Universal Labour Rights and Safe Working Environments

1/2 covered

Target 8.9 

Promote Beneficial and Sustainable Tourism

1/2 covered

Target 8.10 

Universal Access to Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

1/2 covered

Target 8.a 

Increase Aid for Trade Support for Developing Countries

0/1 covered

Target 8.b 

Develop a Global Youth Employment Strategy

0/1 covered

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